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Classic Vehicles

Classic Vehicles

This type of insurance is addressed to the owners of classic vehicles, who are holders of an approved and valid international authenticity certificate (FIVA identification card).


Participation in Car Races

Provision of insurance coverage for participation in races of classic / historic vehicles which take place in Cyprus in accordance with FIVA’s international events code.

24 Hours Sinodigos

Provision of Road Assistance and Accident Care Services by independent providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fullest Possible Coverage

Provision of a wide range of optional insurance coverage.

Various types of Optional Coverage

Provision of medical cover to drivers.


Classic Car Owners who are holders of an approved and valid international vehicle with recognition Certificate for their classic / historic vehicle recognized by the Republic of Cyprus (FIVA identification card).




  • Basic Coverage

    The Basic Coverage of the Insurance Policy includes:

    • Legal liability for the compensation of damages to third parties in Cyprus (in the areas effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus)
    • Legal liability of the passengers to indemnify third parties
    • Use of the motor vehicle that extends beyond the scope of the legal definition of the term ‘road’
    • Service "24 Hours Sinodigos"
    • Legal liability arising out of the participation in classic / historic car races that take place in Cyprus in accordance with FIVA's international events code
  • Additional Coverage

    Additional Insurance Coverage, depending on the type of motor vehicle, such as:

    • Coverage for the breakage of windscreen glass or windows
    • Personal accident coverage for the insured and/or the authorized drivers of the Motor Vehicle
    • Driving another private motor vehicle
    • Towing other motor vehicles 
    • Premium protection of submitted claims
    • Medical cover of the insured and the authorized drivers of the insured vehicle following a motor accident and / or medical cover of the insured or other drivers specified when driving any motor vehicle (excluding motorcycles, buses, lorries or special type vehicle) following a motor accident


The Policy is subject to certain exclusions some of which are:

  • Damage to the insured vehicle
  • Damage to the property of the insured or to his/her family members
  • Use by unauthorized drivers

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