Accident Care

By means of the 24-Hour Sinodigos Service, CNP ASFALISTIKI is by your side in order to provide you with the maximum possible assistance and safety you may need. In case of a road accident, please contact 77778283 or through CNP ASFALISTIKI Mobile App for iPhone and for Android.

Thereafter, we will contact you for details regarding the accident and a Road Accident Officer will visit the scene of the accident and will make sure that the following actions are taken:

Take photos of the scene of the accident and of the damage caused to the vehicles involved or to any other property.

Preparation of a diagram of the scene of the accident.

Completion of the Claim Form and taking a photo of the Driving License of the driver of the Vehicle insured by CNP ASFALISTIKI as well as of the Title deed of the vehicle.

Collecting information and evidence from any eyewitnesses as well as their contact information.

Collecting the contact details of the police officers examining the accident.

Collecting information concerning any bodily injuries (if any).

Arrival of a towing vehicle at the place of the accident, if needed.

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