CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

The customers who benefit from our service also benefit from the following:

  • Special rates and discounts from selected car accessory stores and services, such as tyres, car accessories, exhausts, electrical engineers, batteries, audio system equipment, air conditioning systems, car washing providers, windscreen / glasses, car rentals, etc. (List of Selected Stores & Car Services)
  • Ability to choose one of the partnering repair garages, from which you will benefit in case of an accident with a one year written warranty regarding the repair of the damages caused to the insured vehicle. (List of Cooperating Vehicle Repair Garages)
  • Assessment of the damages caused to the vehicle via an electronic system that is based on the repair times and the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Ability to tow heavy vehicles exceeding 5 tons of gross weight for a predetermined cost depending on the route upon special agreement.
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