CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Road Assistance

Road Assistance

The Road Assistance Service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free of charge. Specially trained staff will provide you with a fast onsite service for repairing the damage or towing your car to the garage of your choice.

More specifically, we provide the following services:

Towing: If a mechanical / electrical damage has immobilized your vehicle, our experienced technicians will arrive on the spot in order to repair it as soon as possible with just one phone call.

Tyre problem: If your vehicle is immobilized due to a flat tyre, our technicians will change the tyre on the spot or will take you to a nearby garage to repair it.

Keys loss: Have your keys been lost, stolen or accidentally locked inside your vehicle? Our 24-Hour Sinodigos service will provide you with immediate assistance.

Fuel: If you have been immobilized due to lack of fuel, our technicians will provide you with a sufficient amount of fuel to last you until the nearest refuelling station.

Battery problems: If the battery of your vehicle has run out and your car does not start, our provider’s technicians will provide you with an immediate solution on the spot.

On-site repair: If your vehicle has a fault that can be repaired by using the means available to our service provider's mobile garage, our provider will fix it and will mobilise the vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle will be transported to the garage of your preference.

Stuck in mud, snow, lake, river or sand: If your vehicle has been immobilized for any of these reasons, our service provider will try to free the vehicle ONLY if this does not involve any risks of further damage. If a special towing vehicle is needed for towing the vehicle, our provider will inform the customer of the possible risks involved in towing the vehicle and will undertake to tow it only upon the written agreement of the customer to the effect that the customer will not have any further claim if, due to the circumstances, the vehicle suffers any further damage. The customer will bear the costs for the special towing vehicle upon the agreement of the Customer and will pay such costs immediately.


  1. All insured vehicles used for commercial purpose, vehicles for the transportation of goods of public use (Type A), private buses and special type vehicles (such as: hoists, forklifts, rollers, spraying vehicles, earthmoving equipment and excavators) are excluded. 
  2. Occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus are excluded from the Geographical Limits.
  3. Second towing of the vehicle for the same problem or transportation from one garage to another is excluded.
  4. Vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 5 tons or with a wheelbase greater than 3.5 meters are excluded.
  5. Instances where the vehicle that requires assistance is not located in an officially recorded road or approaching the damaged vehicle by the towing vehicle at the point where it is located is not possible or is dangerous, such as closed or narrow spaces, underground or multi-storey parking areas, private parking places or where there are any other obstacles that prevent the provider from safely approaching the vehicle.
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