For your better service, CNP ASFALISTIKI provides the following alternative methods for the payment of your premiums.

The payment of premiums to our Company is governed by the Supervisory Directive of the Superintendent of Insurance with regards to the Payment and Attribution of Premiums. See here what is changing with regards to the Payment of Premiums.


E - Payment

Debit / Credit Card

JCC Smart


Payment by Cash / Cheque / Debit or Credit Card

Make your payment at any customer service office or to your Insurance Intermediary.


Payment by means of Direct or Recurring Payment Order (SEPA)  

Complete and send the sumbission form at any Customer Service Office of CNP ASFALISTIKI or at your Insurance Intermediary.
Direct Debit Payment MANDATE


Payment directly from your Bank Account

Visit any branch of your Bank and indicate your insurance policy number on your payment. For details regarding the bank account of the Company, please contact any of our Customer Service Offices or your Insurance Intermediary.

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