CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

For years now, CNP ASFALISTIKI has been playing a leading role in society itself, by contributing to the effort of dealing with serious social problems. By joining forces with competent bodies, it has been steadily serving throughout the years the values of corporate social responsibility and the provision of assistance to fellow humans through several actions.

It is the first Cyprus insurance company that has been a member of the European Road Safety Charter since 2005, it cooperates with the competent state bodies such as the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Ministry of Communications and Works, supporting the fight to reduce road accidents. Since 1999 it has been co-organizing the Road Safety Week together with the Cyprus Police. CNP ASFALISTIKI is also cooperating with the Ministry of Education and Culture and is the sponsor of various Elementary Schools in a mission to contribute in practice and encourage good road-consciousness for children. At the same time, it is also actively supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Defence in creating the appropriate culture on road safety for soldiers.

Moreover, since 2000, it has joined forces with the Cyprus Fire Brigade, to promote and inform about the proactive management of risks posed by fire, through the joint organisation of the Fire Safety Week.

It also organizes training, seminars and workshops to promote and support Health and Safety at Work.

Last but not least, it sponsors major local sporting events, such as the Cyprus Rally, that promotes our country at an international level and it is the Health & Safety Sponsor of the Limassol Marathon, offering insurance cover to all participants. Over the years, CNP ASFALISTIKI has been actively supporting charitable events and institutions by assistance vulnerable social classes of our country.


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