CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Power of Insurance

Power of Insurance

CNP ASFALISTIKI was founded in 1981 and until this day it is a leading player in the field of General Insurance in Cyprus. Since its establishment, it is constantly enriching its role with a person-centred approach. Professionalism, specialized knowledge, continuous training and the drive of its executives, are all aimed at providing complete insurance programs to its customers.

At CNP ASFALISTIKI, the power of today becomes the drive for tomorrow. The network of its Insurance Intermediaries operates within this philosophy and acts based on this strategy.

CNP ASFALISTIKI has rightfully gained the leading position in the Cyprus Insurance market, as it is perfectly aligned with the modern needs and requirements of its customers.

Taking advantage of new technological achievements, along with the wide network of Insurance Intermediaries across Cyprus, immediate response and finding pioneering solutions at the right time are just some of the factors that determine success.

In combination with its strategic partnership with CNP ASSURANCES, the French insurance giant, CNP ASFALISTIKI has ensured its leading role. In addition, it has also strengthened its finances at the same time and has invested even further in improving its services.

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