CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Our strength… Is your Assurance!

Our strength… Is your Assurance!


At CNP ASFALISTIKI we have the appropriate solutions for all your insurance needs. The company is the leader of the Cyprus Insurance Market and the statistics confirm its leading position.

In 2023, the annual turnover was €72.2 mil., its total assets were €150 mil., the net assets were €43 mil. and the total claims paid since by the Company since its incorporation were €621 mil.

Today, the Company is present in all the towns of the island with fully staffed offices and with over 345 highly skilled professional insurance intermediaries, serving more than 86.000 customers, with more than 119.000 active insurance contracts.

Thank you for your trust and support!

CNP ASFALISTIKI stands by your side with its strength and protection!

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