CNP ASFALISTIKI in line with its long-established social responsibility policy for Road Safety, was one of the sponsors of the 6th Football Tournament «GEORGE M. MAVRIKIOS». The tournament was organised by «OLYMPIAKOS NICOSIA» Football Academy with the collaboration of «GEORGE M. MAVRIKIOS»Foundation for Road Safety, in which CNP ASFALISTIKI is a member of its Management Board.


The Football Tournament took place between the 14 and 15 May 2011 in the athletic centre of Constanza, in the centre of Nicosia and was addressed to two children categories as followed:

a) JUNIOR Category: For children had been given birth during 2000-2001

b) PRECHILD Category: For children had been given birth during 1998-1999


The Tournament is organised every year in memory of George M. Mavrikios, footballer of « OLYMPIAKOS NICOSIA» Academy and it aims at increasing road safety awareness, the prevention and reduction of road accidents and to develop initiatives that will approach the problem of road safety.




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