Road Safety Campaign 2019 - Press Conference

Road Safety Campaign 2019 - Press Conference

«20 years of Road Safety . . . The value of life is above all» is the message that will be communicated across Cyprus during the Road Safety Week, organised by CNP ASFALISTIKI and the POLICE TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT. The Road Safety Week from 10 - 17 October, is the centre of the relevant activities aiming to interact with the public by informing and raising awareness. The campaign is under the auspices of the Honourable Minister of Justice and Public Order, Mr. George Savvides.

The Road Safety Week kicked off with a press conference, on October 10th, by the Honourable Minister of Justice and Public Order. The speakers at the conference were the Chief of Police, Mr. Kypros Michaelides, the Police Traffic Department Manager, Mr. Ioannis Georgiou, the CEO of CNP CYPRUS, Mr. Takis Phidia and the General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI, Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou.

The high point of the campaign will be the children Road Safety Event, to be held in Nicosia, in the afternoon of October 12, at Road Safety Park. This initiative aims in raising awareness of the young future drivers on Road Safety.

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