Series of lectures on Health and Safety at Work

Series of lectures on Health and Safety at Work

CNP ASFALISTIKI, member of the leading insurance group CNP CYPRUS, in cooperation with the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) and the Cyprus Health & Safety Association (CYSHA), have inaugurated a series of lectures on Health & Safety, addressed not only to the people at work but also to the general public.

The first lecture was held on 18th May 2022, at the Amphitheatre of the Headquarter Offices of CNP CYPRUS in Nicosia. The lecture was titled: "Regulations for the Management of Occupational Health & Safety and their implementation" and was delivered by Mrs. Marina Kouyiali, Labour Inspection Officer at the Department of Labour Inspection and Mrs. Iliana Antoniou, Health & Safety Officer and member of the Board of the Cyprus Health and Safety Association.

The next lecture on " New Strategy for Chemicals - The surface with Health and Safety Legislation " is scheduled for the 25th of May 2022, at the same venue. It will be presented by Dr. Tasoula Kyprianidou - Leontidou, Senior Labour Inspection Officer at the Department of Chemical Protection and Safety of Services at the Labour Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labour & Social Insurance.

This common initiative has a clear, specific goal: Το raise awareness about the Health & Safety area, enhancing the perception of its importance in the modern working environment.

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