CNP ASFALISTIKI: Pancyprian Anniversary Conference 2022 "40 Years – Together, beyond the limits!"

CNP ASFALISTIKI: Pancyprian Anniversary Conference 2022

CNP ASFALISTIKI and its people, celebrated together the successes of the Company's 40 years of operations, at the Pancyprian Anniversary Conference organised on the 13th of May , 2022, at Adams hotel in Ayia Napa. In this impressive and full of surprises event, more than 300 people participated, including executives and insurance intermediaries of the Company and senior executives of CNP CYPRUS Insurance Group.

For 40 years, CNP ASFALISTIKI has been evolving and growing. Today it is the number one General Insurance Company in Cyprus, with more than €61 million annual turnover, more than 113,000 active insurance policies and a SOLVENCY II Capital Adequacy Index of 272%. With its policy of putting the people first, the Company has been successful in building thousands of relationships of trust with its customers, capitalising on the sense of Insurance Security it inspires. In an environment of constant challenges, the bar for CNP ASFALISTIKI's goals is being set higher and higher, constantly pushing the boundaries of success even further.  

The Chief Executive Officer of CNP CYPRUS Group, Mr. Takis Phidia, stated in his address that "these 40 years of CNP ASFALISTIKI have been full of challenges. Challenges that we all turned into successes, to have today the Company established in the number one position of the general insurance market in Cyprus. We exist for a very simple, but very important reason. We exist to provide security and safety to as many people as possible."

Then, the General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI, Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, presented to the delegates the particularly positive results and the Company's key indicators for 2021, expressing his warm thanks to sales network and the Company's staff. He analyzed the main challenges for the Company for 2022 and elaborated on the management strategy that will keep the Company for yet another year in the first position of the general insurance market in Cyprus.

Mr.  Charis N. Pastides, Manager Sales & Business Support of CNP ASFALISTIKI, together with Mr. Costas Fytiris, Rear Admiral in retirement, had a subversive conversation on stage proving that the capabilities of a special forces member (Navy SEALs), are not particularly different from those of an Insurance Intermediate who works at CNP ASFALISTIKI!  Just as a special forces member (Navy SEALs), transcends the boundaries of itself, so too the Company's associates go beyond their own limits. 

CNP ASFALISTIKI awarded the "winners" of 2020, those who in a difficult and critical year, managed to achieve very high goals. Later, during the official dinner that followed, in a brilliant ceremony the best of the best, who achieved the top performance in 2021, were also awarded. 

At the conference, the attendees had the opportunity to reminisce about a multidimensional and full of experiences and successes journey of 40 years, but also to set new goals for the next decade, in the course of development of CNP ASFALISTIKI. 

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