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Employer's Liability

Employer's Liability

A comprehensive insurance program covering the insured's legal liability arising out of negligent acts or omissions in connection with the employment of individuals. According to the provisions of the Employer's Liability Compulsory Insurance Law, all employers are required by the Law to obtain an Employer's Liability insurance.


Flexible Insurance Limit

Option to choose an increasing insurance limit for covering every employee.

Global Coverage

Insurance coverage for employees who are permanent Cyprus residents, when they are abroad.


Individuals with domestic employees, shopkeepers, factory owners, hoteliers and others (professionals, businessmen, organizations) who employ people for more than 8 hours per week. The Employer's Liability Insurance Policy is dealt under General Liability Class.




  • Basic Coverage

    The Basic Coverage of the Insurance Policy includes:

    • Indemnity for the employer against his / her legal liability to pay compensation for bodily injury, death, disease or illness caused by accident to any employee (defined by relevant regulations), as a result of and during their employment in the employer’s company in Cyprus or abroad (for permanent residents of Cyprus)

    The following are the minimum limits provided by the company:

    • For each employee (as defined by the law) € 160.000
    • For each incident € 3.417.203
    • For each insurance period € 5.125.804
  • Additional Coverage

    The Additional Coverage of the policy includes:

    • An increased insurance limit for each employee.


The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

  • war, acts of terrorism, nuclear radiation and environmental pollution
  • liability to subcontractors’ employees
  • liability arising from the use of motor vehicle
  • liability assumed under agreement
  • exemplary or punitive compensations, fines and penalties

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