Our strength… Is your Assurance!

At CNP ASFALISTIKI we have the appropriate solutions for all your insurance needs.

Power of Insurance

CNP ASFALISTIKI was founded in 1981 and until this day it is a leading player in the field of General Insurance in Cyprus. Since its establishment, it is constantly enriching its role with a person-centred approach. Professionalism...

Corporate Social Responsibility

For years now, CNP ASFALISTIKI has been playing a leading role in society itself, by contributing to the effort of dealing with serious social problems. By joining forces with competent bodies, it has been steadily serving throughout the ...

Board of Directors

CNP ASFALISTIKI’s smooth and efficient operation is due to the expertise of its Board of Directors.

Solvency and Financial Condition Report

Download and read CNP ASFALISTIKI’s solvency and financial condition report.

Inspection and Management of Risks

It is generally accepted today that workplace accidents and other dangerous events, such as fire and theft incidents, for instance, carry high costs for businesses. Even where such risks ...

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