CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Personal Accidents & Health

Personal Accidents & Health

Personal Accidents & Health

This is a comprehensive insurance program that covers the consequences of an accident or an illness. The Insurance Policy is available either for one person individually or for a group of persons (e.g. for the employees of a factory).


Select the Amount

Possibility to choose the premium amount.

24h Coverage

Insurance cover can be provided on a 24-hour basis.




  • Basic Coverage

    The Insurance Policy covers the insured:

    • Against accident resulted in death
  • Additional Coverage

    The Personal Accident and Illness Guard Insurance Policy also covers:

    • Permanent physical injury or total paralysis (permanent total disability - scale of disabilities), loss of wages due to incapacity for work (temporary total incapacity), allowance to cover the cost of hospital or clinic hospitalization and medical expenses as a result of an accident due to external violent and visible means
    • Loss of sight or paralysis of limbs and allowance for the hospitalization in a hospital or a clinic as a consequence of illness


The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

  • war, acts of terrorism, loss, nuclear radiation and environmental pollution
  • flying in an aircraft not as a passenger, mountaineering, racing out of the track, swimming 
  • pre-existing diseases
  • hernia
  • use of a motorcycle over 250cc (250cc)
  • professional sports
  • diving in depths greater than 50meters

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