CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Contractor's all Risk (C.A.R)

Contractor's all Risk (C.A.R)

Contractor's all Risk (C.A.R)

This is a comprehensive insurance program covering the projects of the owners or contractors in relation to the construction of such projects. The projects may be: houses, buildings, shops or offices, complexes, schools, churches, roads, factories etc. The owners as well as the contractors of such projects invest a lot of money for their construction.


Widest Possible Coverage

The widest possible coverage is offered.

Civil Liability

Option to cover the Insured’s liability to third parties (Public Liability).

Addition of Subcontractors

Option to cover both the main contractor as well as the subcontractors jointly.

Combination of Coverage

Option to insure both the main contractor and the owner of the project jointly.


Owners of projects under construction, building contractors, land development firms, municipalities, etc. The Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy falls under Insurance against Fire and other Damage to Property and General Liability Classes.




  • Basic Coverage

    The Basic Coverage of the Insurance Policy includes:

    • Loss or damage whilst the project or the worksite is under construction or loss of or damage to the building materials as a result of a sudden and unpredictable occurrence that is not excluded and takes place in the construction site
  • Additional Coverage

    The Additional Coverage of the Insurance Policy includes:

    • Equipment and facilities
    • Construction machinery
    • Existing buildings and other property
    • Out of the worksite stored materials
    • Legal liability in existing buildings and other property
    • Loss or damage during the maintenance period
    • Expenses relating to the removal of debris
    • Additional expenses necessary for expediting the restoration process/repair
    • Legal liability (Public liability) to third parties (with or without the responsibility of weakening neighboring foundations)


The policy is subject to many exclusions, some of which are:

  • war, acts of terrorism, nuclear radiation and environmental pollution
  • riots, strikes, earthquake, weakening foundations of neighboring buildings, consequent damage
  • loss or damage due to faulty designs, penalties due to delays
  • the cost for repairing or replacing the defective material
  • the Insured’s liability for his/her employees, engineers or architects

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