CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ - Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive Cover

This concerns the insurance policy that covers the legal liability of the Insured and authorized drivers for the payment of compensation to third parties, loss or damage to the motor vehicle as a result of any cause that is not excluded. A wide range of optional coverage is also offered depending on the type of the motor vehicle.


Fullest Possible Coverage

Provision of coverage for loss of or damage to the motor vehicle as a result of any cause that is not excluded.

Multitude of Optional Coverage

Provision of medical cover to drivers.

Optional Coverage for Natural Disasters

Possibility of additional coverage in case of any damage caused by hail, storm, earthquake or flood.

24 Hours Sinodigos

Provision of Road Assistance and Accident Care Services by independent providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Owners of motor vehicles (private, commercial, motorcycles). The Comprehensive Insurance Policy falls under Motor Insurance Class.




  • Basic Coverage

    The Basic Coverage of the Insurance Policy includes:

    • Legal liability to indemnify third parties
    • Loss or damage to the motor vehicle caused by any peril occurred in Cyprus (in the areas effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus) and is not specifically excluded
    • Legal liability of the insured to indemnify third parties related to driving any other Vehicle (excluding motorcycles, bus, lorry or special type vehicle) occured in Cyprus (in the areas effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus) not belonging to him / her, his / her employer or partner and not rented to them
    • Legal liability of the passengers to indemnify third parties
    • Use of the motor vehicle that extends beyond the scope of the legal definition of the term 'road'
    • Service "24 Hours Sinodigos"
  • Additional Coverage

    The additional coverage, depending on the type of the motor vehicle, includes:

    • Coverage for the breakage of the windshield or other windows, maintaining the insurance fee at the same level following the submission of the claim and non-application of the exemption
    • Liability for the compensations whilst the motor vehicle was being towed
    • Personal accident coverage for the Insured and the authorized drivers in connection with the use of the motor vehicle
    • Loss or damage to the motor vehicle whilst being towed caused by any peril that is not specifically excluded
    • Loss of use or temporary replacement following loss of or damage to the insured motor vehicle
    • Loss or damage to personal belongings caused by fire or theft
    • Loss or damage to the motor vehicle caused by flood, storm, hurricane, hail, earthquake
    • Loss of or damage to motor vehicle caused by riots and strikes
    • No claims discount protection
    • Medical coverage of the insured and the authorized drivers of the insured vehicle following a motor accident and / or medical coverage of the insured or other drivers specified while driving any motor vehicle (excluding motorcycles, buses, lorries or special types vehicle) following a motor accident


The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

  • war, acts of terrorism, nuclear radiation and environmental pollution, any premeditated act which is a felony according to the Criminal Law
  • property being loaded or unloaded or being transported by the motor vehicle
  • any passenger who is unlawfully carried in or upon the motor vehicle
  • property belonging to or is in the possession, custody or control of the insured or any person claiming to be indemnified under this Policy or a member of their household
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • using the insured motor vehicle as a tool
  • consequential damage, mechanical or electrical damage, tire wear
  • storm, hurricane, hail, earthquake, riot, strike
  • overloading the motor vehicle

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