This is the most comprehensive insurance program for owners or tenants of houses or apartments. The Home Insurance Policy has been designed to offer a multitude of basic and optional coverage against loss or damage to buildings and their contents.


Replacement With a New One

Replacement of property that was destroyed with a new one.

Temporary Relocation Costs

Payment of rent for temporary relocation as well as lost rent

Civil Liability Coverage

Payment of compensation to third parties to whom the insured is legally liable.

Additional Privileges

Reduced premium for long-term cooperation.


Owners or tenants of houses or flats. The Home Insurance Policy is dealt under Insurance against Fire and other Damage to Property, Accidents and General Liability Classes.




  • Basic Coverage
    • Fire, lightning or explosion
    • Earthquake or volcanic eruption
    • Storm or hurricane
    • Flood
    • Water leakage or oil spill
    • Pipe burglary or overflowing of water tanks
    • Malicious damage, riot or strike
    • Crash of vehicles, animals, aircraft, flying objects or falling objects
    • Forest fire extending at home
    • Fall of trees
    • Theft accompanied by real, vigorous and fierce violation of the residence or attempted theft
    • Damage to the building caused by theft
    • Damage from falling antennas and / or solar panels
    • Rehabilitation value
    • Cost of exploratory work
    • Fees for architects and other consultants
    • Expenses for demolition and removal of debris 
    • Fracture of glass and sanitary items
    • Public Authority costs
    • Accidental damage to mirrors and glass furniture
    • Accidental damage to TV sets, computers, audio and video systems
    • Loss of rent and the reasonable additional cost of contemporary accommodation
    • Accidental damage to cables or underground services supplying the Insured Home
    • Replacement of locks and keys
    • Emergency entry into the house
    • Smoke
    • Accidental loss of measurable water, liquefied petroleum gas or oil
    • Food and drinks in freezers and refrigerators
    • Garden plants
    • Christmas presents
    • Professional equipment
    • Funeral expenses
    • Damage caused at the building by accident
    • Sedimentation, landslide, displacement and ground elevation
    • Fatal injury benefit
    • Short-circuit of electrical and electronic devices
    • Automatic refund of insured amount upon request
  • Additional Coverage

    The Additional Coverage of the Policy includes insurance for:

    • Employer’s responsibility for domestic staff
    • "Against all Risks" for Valuable Objects
    • Personal accidents
    • Money and cards
    • External antennas and solar water heaters
    • Satellite systems
    • Photovoltaic equipment
    • Theft or attempted theft without being accompanied by a vigorous and fierce violation of the dwelling (Full theft)
    • Property in an open space
    • Travel


The Insurance Policy is subject to exceptions, some of which are

  • war, acts of terrorism, nuclear radiation and environmental pollution
  • antennas, solar heating system (could be covered optionally)
  • liability arising from the use of motor vehicles or boats

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