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Insurance Intermediaries

The role of an Insurance Intermediary is both professional and sociable, offering solutions to anyone’s insurance needs.

As a profession, it requires strong sociable behaviour, because the services offered, protect customers and assists them in maintaining their standard of living.

An Insurance Intermediary of CNP ASFALISTIKI:

  • Identifies and approaches prospective customers from his/her professional or social environment.
  • Examines their insurance needs and proposes insurance programs that will fully satisfy them.
  • Supervises and assists customers in completing their insurance policies.
  • Constantly assists his/her customers and takes care of new insurance needs that may arise.
  • Builds relationships of trust with his/her professionalism, knowledge and friendly approach through a customer-oriented philosophy.

Without having to invest any initial capital, the Insurance Intermediary sets his/her own goals and financial earnings.

If you wish to join our Company's sales force, you will be certain that you will never be on your own, you will always be part of CNP ASFALISTIKI'S sales team, you will work in an excellent working environment, with ongoing training, support and career development.

CNP ASFALISTIKI offers its Insurance Intermediaries the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive and intelligent training program.

The training program covers a wide range of topics, such as the Company's insurance products and electronic means, sales techniques and training on various issues related to the General Insurance Sector and other insurance matters. At the same time, apart from the specialized training provided, training is also provided on many other vocational training issues for the development of a modern Insurance Intermediary.

For those without any previous experience, a specific training is offered in order to prepare for the examinations for obtaining the Insurance Intermediary licence.

The training offered to the sales team is designed in such a manner so as to improve the Insurance Intermediary’s skills and to contribute to lifelong learning for the provision of quality services to customers by well trained and effective Insurance Intermediaries.

Within the context of ongoing technological advancement, the Company provides its Insurance Intermediaries the opportunity to utilize its state-of-the-art information technology in order to eliminate time-consuming processes and concentrate on sales.

If you are ready to join CNP ASFALISTIKI'S sales force, please contact our Company’s Sales and Support Department for a personal interview.

All interested applicants will be treated with confidentiality.  

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