"Let’s not leave our dreams turn to ashes" OPEN DAY Fire Safety Event organized by CNP ASFALISTIKI and the Cyprus Fire Service held on the 21st of May 2022


Within the framework of the Fire Safety Campaign, which is co-organized by CNP ASFALISTIKI and the Cyprus Fire Service for the 21st consecutive year, the culmination of the joint actions was the OPEN DAY EVENT that took place on Saturday the 21st of May 2022, at the NICOSIA MALL.

At the event, the attendees had the opportunity to see the fire brigade vehicles and related equipment, up close, and to be informed by experts on the issues of fire prevention and extinguishing. At the same time, the children enjoyed specially designed activities for them, as well as a stilt performance. The whole event was supported by a live link with CYBC. Executives of CNP ASFALISTIKI and the Cyprus Fire Service distributed to the public symbolic gifts and informative material on fire safety.

The event was held under the auspices of the Honourable Minister of Justice and Public Order and aimed to raise awareness of all, young and old, on ways to prevent and react against the fire.

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